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Chase The Morning~

i'm infected by your genetics


Does ANYONE want to volunteer to make stamps? Please, please, I will reward you with a million gold stars and my love and adoration, and make everyone submit to your dominion. Do I really have to bribe my boyfriend with sexual favors to do it?

So if anyone here is good with graphics/skilled at stamp-making and willing to put in the time, please let me know!


Delayed stamping

Hi guys,
I'm so sorry that we still don't have stamps yet! I asked someone to make them, but they've been swamped lately. If anyone else wants to volunteer to make some, please feel free! I was thinking we'd have two sets, anyway. But rest assured I haven't forgotten. So keep on voting (http://community.livejournal.com/repo_stamp/tag/needs+votes); remember that each app needs at least five votes to be stamped. And of course you can never get too many votes. And for those of you who posted apps a while back and have gotten enough votes, I promise I will go back and stamp all of you once I have them. Thanks!


Zydrate comes in a little glass vial ♪